Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Kids' Picks: April

5 Minutes for Books is inviting bloggers to share what their children are reading.  It's some new and some old here.  Let's see:

Elder daughter (17):  Currently complaining that she has no time to read what she wants to read.  Hmm.  Claims to be looking forward to next semester and lit classes, when she'll at least be assigned some interesting reading. 

Younger daughter (14):  Still going strong with Phantom of the Opera-related fan-fic, but thankfully she has also picked up Mary Barton by Elizabeth Gaskell, and started Anna Karenina (but seems to have put that down for later).

Elder son (11):  He's almost finished with Ghost Hunter, the sixth and final book in a series called The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness, by Michelle Paver.  What we will do when he finishes it, I do not know, because he's loved this series so much.  Suggestions are welcome! 

Younger son (8):  Recently finished The Iron Man by Ted Hughes, and The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe.  The former was my suggestion, and he liked it well enough.  The latter was a Great Illustrated Classic, and he loves those. 


  1. Thanks for your comment about my daughter on my post. She also sort of struggles with classics. She'll be in high school next year, and she'll have to read more. But as much of a reader as I was, I didn't enjoy them in high school either.

    She's going to read Jane Eyre this summer to get ready for the Mother Daughter Bookclub series' next book, BUT I recently reread it and found the beginning to be very very slow, so we'll see if she manages.

    1. Yes, I have to remind myself that she reads more classics than I did at her age. And I didn't like "slow" beginnings at that age either, but now I savor them as a building up of the world of the story. It's something we appreciate more with age, I think--the young are not "big picture" thinkers.

  2. My library has the Michelle Paver books, thanks for the recommendation!