Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Kids' Picks February 14

On the second Tuesday of the month,  5 Minutes For Books invites readers to share what their children are reading.   Let's see what's new...

Elder daughter (17):  In the middle of The Woman in Black by Susan Hill.

Younger daughter (14):  Ever eclectic, she has temporarily (I hope!) abandoned the classics for "tons of fan-fic."  Mostly Phantom of the Opera-related fan-fic.  (She's currently obsessed with the Phantom.)  She's also still working through The Complete Sherlock Holmes

Elder son (11):  He's almost finished with Wolf Brother, the first in a series of six called The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness, by Michelle Paver.  I confess that I pushed this series on him after I read her wonderful ghost story, Dark Matter, but he's enjoying it.  

Younger son (8):  Surprisingly, he's voluntarily reading some fiction.  I assigned him the first story from The Best Children's Books in the World, and he's been reading the rest of them on his own.  Each story is from a different country, appears in both English and its original language, and is beautifully illustrated.  His own choices from the library:  Astronauts by Allison Lassieur and Satellites by David Baker and Heather Kissock.


  1. Where do you find Phantom fan-fic? Online? That sounds awesome :)
    Great reading all!
    - AZ

    1. I asked my daughter, and she says she mostly gets it from two sites: fanfiction.net and phantomoftheopera.com/fifthcellar. Are you a Phantom fan, too? :)

  2. The Best Children's Books in the World sounds like one to check out for my own 8 year old son. Great books!


    1. Yes, it's really beautiful. We got it from the library.