Thursday, February 23, 2012

Twelve by Shakespeare in 2012 February: Two Down, Ten to Go

Twelve by Shakespeare in 2012 has finished Much Ado About Nothing.  Meatier than last month's choice (A Midummer Night's Dream), although still a comedy, this play gave us more to discuss.  Much more serious issues were at stake:  Claudio's willingness to publicly humiliate the woman he supposedly loved based on a bit of hearsay, the nature of marriage in renaissance Italy vs. here and now, the true nature of Beatrice's and Benedick's feelings for each other.  We also got a lot of enjoyment from the ongoing exchange of insults between those two--nobody can write insults like Shakespeare!  On the agenda for March:  The Tempest.


  1. I really like Much Ado. We studied it at a-level and I enjoyed it very much. I especially like all of Beatrice and Benedick's exchanges

    1. Oh, yes, those two are fun. It's too bad when they fall in love and stop insulting each other, isn't it?